Who we are: our story

When I say "we" I really use that term lightly. I'm Jalene, owner of Sweet Summertime Shop. I'm a mama bear of two babes, and wife to my husband of 10 years. In 2018, we made a huge, huge, huge life change and relocated from Southern California to Idaho. If you're wondering WHY, those two babes I mentioned above. And after I moved, the depression was real as the gravity of the situation and the family we left behind hit me hard. My mom suggested that I do something for me and that I look into T shirts. Next day, everything to make tees was purchased and on it's way. To say I take her advice to heart would be an understatement... Coupled with the fact that I've ordered tees from websites only to have them fit poorly and made of questionable quality. What a waste of hard earned money! I figure it this way, if mama is spending money on herself, it's rare. Let's make it a quality product that she'll love. And let's make it something unique so we don't accidentally twin it with another mom who shops at the local store with the target symbol. Catch my drift? To learn more about me personally, take a quick peek at the BLOG page.

But... more about the business and background... the warm support that I received from Idahoans was so unexpected! I quickly become "the T shirt lady" and I don't mind that label at all! I make tees that express the true style of many women, and I've met the most incredible humans along the way! I opened an online shop and it's evolved to what you see today! Isn't God good? 

I've always had a creative streak and I dabbled in graphic design while in college. With Sweet Summertime Shop, I create the designs myself and most often I make every product myself. Sometimes, I am given so much support that I can't do it alone... I have production partners whom I fully trust to knock out some big projects and work with me through some busy times! So there's a "we" but also I'm proud to say that I've built this myself, from the ground up. And thank you for the support! My goal is to build a team to bring more hand crafted items to more people. Wouldn't it be great if I employed more mama bears full time and you were able to meet the team soon?!? Until then, please know that each product is HAND CRAFTED from beginning to end. We personally make each item, and we personally quality control each item... you're going to love it! 

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