A Sunday Well Spent...

Brings a week of content? Hopefully! Because my little fam had a great weekend! Idaho was trying it's hardest to be 50 degrees over the weekend. And hey, Idaho, if you wanna be 50, you be 50! It was absolutely glorious. The Vitamin D was flowing, the endorphins were pumping from a beautiful family bike ride on the greenbelt (the stretch of bike/walking path alongside the Boise River), and the layers of clothing were being peeled off to reveal a comfy tee shirt with no jacket needed! It reminded me why I LOVE living in Idaho.

We've had a funky winter of almost no snow. And when there's no blanket of white sparkles, everything is very grey and brown in the Treasure Valley. Bring on Spring, the colors, the sunshine, the warmth. We are ready for you!

How was your weekend?

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