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I always struggle with these posts... truth be told... I'm a bit of a mess with about me sections and blogging on a whole. I'm too honest. I divulge too much. I talk in circles. You'll see, Haha. So let's start with the main goal of the shop! I'm Jalene, owner of SSS, I enjoy creating apparel to reflect your personal style, my personal style, inspiration on the front of our chest, honesty on the front of our chest, a little snippet of who we really are, placed on a t-shirt, to wear with pride. The things we love, displayed for all to see. And in a way where fashion and comfort can come together. I've always been a "t shirt and jeans" kinda girl. And that hasn't changed. But my t-shirts have evolved a bit to be cute, comfy, and I've finally decided that I LOVE MY STYLE. And I hope you can find something here that you'll love and that will represent your style.

My favorite tees are my inspirational tees, because what better way to share faith with others than to walk about town with the message, the Good News, front and center.

I struggle with the questions of "who am I?" It's pretty deep if you think about it. We usually say what we DO... So what to I do... Well, I WAS a student at one time in life. In college I got my Bachelor's degrees in Child Psychology and Child Development. I wanted to be a school counselor. But life has a way of changing. Here I am ten years later and I'm a wife. I'm a mom. I'm a T shirt maker and small business owner. I spend my day focused on being a mom to two young children. I'm the kisser of the boo-boos, the safe space for two babes and then I'm also the one saying "oh my gosh, can I just go pee in peace?" Mom life. It's a wild ride. Wife life. Man, one day I hope for my sweet husband's sake that I can get this one together. I'm that kind of crazy beautiful wife... usually I'm crazy. He loves it. I love him. And that's been everything to us for ten years and counting! Business owner life. This one is why you're here. Sweet Summertime Shop was born in 2018. Some days, it's a complication I'm not even going to lie. It's hard to be an entrepreneur and a mother. My little guy is three so he's home with me. And sometimes it's a lot. But most times, it's the cherry on top of my long day! I love to create! So it's definitely a creative outlet for me. To make something that you guys love, eeek, it really fuels my fire! I love talking to and meeting new adult humans. Don't we all? Stay at home mama life can be very isolating. And I'm very social. I can be found pretending to be Lightening McQueen on the daily, and some days I'm a dinosaur, some days, I'm the role play friend with my daughter as she tries to navigate girl drama. I'm never really just an adult unless I'm talking with one of you! So thank you for being you and being here!

My roles are all rolled into one ginormous hot mess express. Because can we as women really do it all, and be it all to everyone? Maybe some can. I can't. I struggle with worry and anxiety, so clearly I feel like I'm failing everyone on a daily basis. I have a small secret to at least attempting to do it all... My secret is, pick one thing and do it well. And you know what, not one of those three roles are the thing I do well. Each have their special place in my life, along with being a friend, being a daughter, granddaughter, auntie... But the thing I do well is remind myself whose daughter I am. I don't mean to my amazing parents, did you know that I am the daughter of the King? And if, during my hot mess moments of every single day, I can straighten my crown and revert to a quick prayer to my Father, then maybe somehow I can get through the day without completely losing my mind when there's pee all over the bathroom floor from the 3 year old, or a complete emotional meltdown from the 8 going on 15 year old... Most days, I fail. Some days, I win. It's the some days that I live for. The days I pray for. The days I can remember that someday, I won't have all three roles. The boo-boos won't need kissing anymore. And that's going to be a sad day. The days are long, the years are short. I'm always going to be a mom, but I'm not always going to be a mom of littles. So when I need help with mom life, wife life, maker life, I pray. And I remind myself that I'm not alone. And I call on His strength. And I remember that all things work together for GOOD for those who love the Lord. And with this huge move to a different state and different life, I try to focus on one idea... "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11

These roles are what He has given me to create a life that He desires for me.

So who am I? I am a daughter of the King, just trying to navigate life one step at a time. Yep, I'm a worrier. I'm also a faithful child. And I think the key here is that what we do changes often, even sometimes day by day, so to identify my inner self as a mom, or a wife, or a friend, or a business owner, is just silly. My inner self is a Jesus follower who messes up at this thing called life everyday. My inner self is a gal trying to do better today than she did yesterday. And trying to create a life worth living. And I hope that the words that I put on my tees can help you capture your inner self, your inner thoughts, and your desire to be true to yourself.

Who are you?

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