Spring Cleaning

I know, it’s still winter. But truth be told, we’ve had such a warm winter here in Idaho, that it nearly feels like Spring. The weather is reminding me that Spring is on the way and bringing with it fresh new perspective. Out with the old, out with the dark and dreary, out with the cold. In with the new, bright, warm... everything! The new, bright and warm everything. I’ve been working on my shop, my home decor, my closet, decluttering, freshening, and loving on the spaces in my home and my life.

My mama always says she knows when her life is a mess because her car is a mess! I feel that way about my closet spaces... master, hall closet, pantry. They become a catch all for all things that do not actually belong. There’s something about going full Marie Kondo on the things that do not bring me joy that causes my spirit to brighten! Tell me I’m not alone? Does trashing clutter make you feel alive? 🤣 Gosh, we are old!

Tips for Spring Cleaning:

1. Empty EVERYTHING out of the space. Take it shelf by shelf if needed, but start with a blank canvas.

2. If you haven’t used it in a year, BUH-BYE

3. Does it spark joy? No, that old pair of jeans that will never fit again, that does not spark joy. Donation pile!

4. Get pretty containers! Making the space organized AND pretty will increase the chance that you’ll keep it up.

5. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take it slow. It never fails, I start with a shelf and then 7 hours later I’m sitting underneath piles of stuff from 4 different rooms in my house.

6. Do not stop with your home. Spring Cleaning is your fresh start. It’s never too late to be who Jesus has called you to be. Make an apology you’ve been meaning to make. Send a card you’ve been meaning to send. Smile more. Dream big. Set goals (not NY resolutions!). Get involved in something meaningful. You’ve got this!

I’m happy to report that Sweet Summertime Shop is also getting a fresh new look for Spring as we gear up to launch our boutique line. Eeeek! Stay tuned for the big reveal.



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