Wash your hands, ya filthy animal

Covid - 19, wild right? I never would have expected this madness, but here we are. If Covid 19 has taught me anything thus far...

1. Community is everything. If you don't have family living near you, please get yourself a friend or neighbor that can help you in times like this. I have a group of 6, and we've got each other's backs. If I need something from the grocery store, one of these ladies has my back, and vise versa. If you don't have a person, BE THAT PERSON for something else. Spread kindness. Be the good. Be a good neighbor. Be a good friend. I read a story of a lady at Target buying a thermometer to monitor how high her fever is... And I about died. Doesn't see know to stay home if sick?!? But then it hit me, maybe this woman has no support?

2. Wash your hands! This really shouldn't be a new trend right? Here are SSS, we are donating the proceeds from these tees (click link) to the effort to get those working on the frontlines the Personal Protective Equipment that they need, so that they can come home to their families after protecting our families. I was sitting here trying to figure out how much we could donate, and as a small business owner, I am also feeling the effects of this thing on finances. So I thought, why not make a shirt design and donate my creativity!

3. Liquor stores are deemed "essential business." Wild right? But hey, not complaining! When our governor issued the order for non-essential businesses to close, the lines at local liquor stores were out the door and down the street. Little did they know, the liquor stores would remain open. For those who don't know, liquor is not available in a standard grocery store here in Idaho. You won't find it at Albertsons or Costco, only state run liquor stores.

4. Toilet paper? Who knew. Seriously though, toilet paper is not going to save you. If you haven't learned this yet, time to. 'Cause some of us who didn't hoard the TP are starting to run low...

5. Pray. Pray like you've never prayed before. Pray for your family, friends and neighbors, Pray for their health, pray for people's grandmas and grandpas, pray for the country and leadership, pray for those on the frontlines, pray for the economy, pray for health care, and pray for the world. Praying changes things.