This will not be an automatic renewal subscription, but rather I’ll show you the theme each month and you can decide to participate. 

☀️ February Subscription ☀️ 

Two choices:

Light in the darkness (Christian Faith Based) 

Self Care (Generic and universal for any woman) 

$65 value 

Ships in February. 


1) The retail value on these Style Subscriptions will always be 20-25% higher than the cost. 

2) There will be a limited number available 

3) These are meant to be really fun for you! My profit remains the same, they won’t be a big money maker for me so don’t expect to open your package and find a bunch of junk. Like what the heck did I just buy? 😆 It will be good stuff! 

4) I’ll be filling your package with my products plus others from small business (some big business may sneak in). 

5) The subscription package will always contain a new style, so you do not have to worry about getting a duplicate tee. 

I think it will be a super fun way to get a surprise tee plus some other items to spoil yourself monthly, as a thank you for purchasing from myself and other small businesses. 

February Style Subscription Package

Unisex Size
Theme Choice

                              $5 Flat Rate Shipping in the US

    Current processing time is 5-7 business days (before shipping) 

    Thank you for supporting small business, your order makes our day! 

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